Nunez texts back to supporters after being teased in heavy taunts against Palace

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Liverpool’s club-record striker Darwin Nunez sends a message to fans. After being heavily mocked for his performance in the Reds’ second pre-season match against Crystal Palace yesterday

Liverpool returned to winning ways on Friday afternoon July 15 2022. After a 4-0 defeat to arch-rivals Manchester United in their first pre-season game. The Reds beat Premier League team – mate Crystal Palace 2-0 with a first-half goal from captain Jordan Henderson. A second-half strike from Mohamed Salah to secure the win. Comfortably at Singapore National Stadium

Nunez texts back to supporters after being teased in heavy taunts against Palace

Just as he did against Manchester United a few days ago Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. A lot of substitutions were made over 90 minutes of play or every 20 minutes . Since joining from Benfica sadly for Liverpool fans. The handsome Uruguay has yet to deliver the ball to the bottom of the net. He has yet to look at his old form against Palace and will have to keep up. Keep up with Liverpool’s style of play and connect with friends.

    However, in the modern world, social media fans seem indifferent to player adaptation moments and try to find mockery at every turn. opportunity to do And that’s what one Twitter user did in the hours after Liverpool beat Palace in Singapore. They have compiled the “highlights” of Núñez playing in this game. which clearly It will be a while before we see his best form in a Liverpool shirt.

          In the first clip, the 23-year-old missed an unforgiving shot, but if you look closely you can see the ball hit the opposing defender before reaching his feet. Therefore, it can be understood why referred to not hit the ball. But heading backwards in the second stroke is something we can’t really explain. because we cannot understand his true intentions. The UFABET same goes for his passing attempt in the last clip. 

  However, Nunez appears to have ignored the haters after he was mocked by fans of his rival team. Aware of the harsh criticism from rival fans, he eventually took to social media to post a challenge message, uploading images from his match against Palace on Twitter. Instagram with a ‘sssh’ (shu) emoji, something  like “soft” or “quiet” and a male emoji pointing to his ear. Nunez also uploaded the same image to Twitter with the caption: ‘Flexibility’ (like falling down and getting up quickly)

   When asked about the online mockery his new players received before the game , manager Jurgen Klopp said: “I’m not worried at all. public judgment [About Nunez] is totally useless [for us] it will be like this and we all know it. That’s just a game from [fans of] other clubs, which is normal.” [Likewise] with the new Manchester United players, we can’t really think about it.”