5 ways to cure “Hang” symptoms, drunk and very dizzy. Get it quickly.

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If tonight prepare to party hard These foods must be prepared at home. Wake up in the morning so that you can quickly recover from hangovers, not dizzy, not having a headache so severe that you can’t do anything. whether you have to wake up to go to work UFABET or not We have to recover as soon as possible, right?

5 ways to cure "Hang" symptoms, drunk and very dizzy. Get it quickly.

1.drink a lot of waterThere’s nothing better than plain water. Because water will help dilute the alcohol in the blood. And while drinking alcohol, you may notice yourself getting up to urinate often. Because alcohol will draw water out of the cells in the body. and release fluid through urination Therefore, in addition to urinating more often than usual. Some people may also experience dry mouth, dry throat, and thirst more than usual after waking up in the morning. So the first thing to wake up Get some water into your body first.

2.Sip tomato juice with salt.Besides that we will urinate often. after drinking alcohol Until we are in a dehydrated state or a light dehydration condition causing dry mouth Dry throat after waking up. The urinary flow carries vitamins. and some minerals from the body as well. Therefore, after adding water to the body should add vitamins and salt with tomato juice mixed with salt In addition to adding vitamins and minerals from nature to yourself quickly. the taste of tomatoes And salt also helps to feel refreshed. Energetic as well will put the bottle in the refrigerator beforehand Or wake up to cut fresh tomatoes, cool. put in blender a pinch of salt Then pour into a glass, lift up and sip right away.

3.breakfast from eggsEnergize in the morning with a menu that contains protein. Eggs are a great option that provide healthy protein nutrients and are easy to eat, easy to digest, and cooked quickly. And don’t accidentally season it too much. Eating protein in the morning will give you an energy boost. increase blood sugar Restoring the stomach to return to normal function (After the stomach wall has been attacked by alcohol) and also helps repair some of the inflamed organ walls from the effect of alcohol as well,

if you have enough energy or can prepare food in advance. Suggest an additional bowl of vegetable soup. to add vitamins and minerals to the body

4.Headache can take medicine. If you are new to drinking May be so drunk that he doesn’t know his own limits. I woke up with a throbbing headache. Can take paracetamol type headache medicine. But if it’s the number one drinker drink alcohol regularly heavy drinker every week Taking paracetamol for headache pain can severely damage the liver. Therefore, it is better to choose to take ibuprofen type painkillers (but you should eat before taking the medicine. And should not take ibuprofen too often. including aspirin because it can cause stomach irritation)

5.get enough sleepIf the next day there is no need to go to work or where to run errands You can get enough sleep and don’t “withdraw” by drinking alcohol. Because it will slow down the body’s recovery from the abuse of alcohol.

Finally, it would be better to reduce alcohol consumption. So that you don’t have to sit and feel nauseous. headache the next day. Plus he hurt himself with the power of alcohol. That is the cause of hundreds of diseases as well. There are many ways that we can party without alcohol. Both fun, conscious and safe from disease. and various accidents as well