5 things to do in the morning Help lose weight – healthy.

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Japanese people attach great importance to intestinal health. Because they realize that the gut is the cornerstone for healthy and weight loss. If the intestinal environment is good, it will lead to good health. And make it easy to get slim. Let’s find out 5 habits that you do in the morning that will make you healthy and slim from the advice of Mr. Junko Ouka, a Japanese brain and gut therapist.

5 things to do in the morning Help lose weight - healthy.

5 things to do in the morning Help lose weight – healthy.

  1. eating fermented food that contain dietary fiber and oligosaccharides.

Eating fermented foods  such as miso, yogurt, natto, or rice bran pickles Fiber-rich foods  such as seaweed, brown rice, mushrooms or oatmeal and oligosaccharides. from foods such as bananas, onions, honey or oligosaccharide syrup In sufficient quantities, it helps the body have good excretion. You can eat onion miso soup with brown rice or yogurt with banana and oatmeal. Add it to your breakfast if you like.

  1. eat fruit

Fruits are rich in vitamins. Minerals and dietary fibers that are healthy and help in smooth bowel movements. Fruits that can be eaten every morning include bananas, apples and seasonal fruits. However, some fruits have a cooling effect so be careful not to eat them in excess. How to eat can be done by eating fresh. Enjoy with yogurt, salad or as a topping for bread of your choice ยูฟ่าเบท.

  1. Avoid eating sugar in the morning.

Sugar is a good food for the good bacteria in your gut. That should not be eaten in the morning and throughout the day. Eating too much sugar, in addition to damaging the intestinal environment, sugar also binds to proteins to form AGE (advanced glycation end product). that deterioration, including causing the skin to sag and look premature

If you want something sweet, you can use sugars that are good for gut health, such as oligosaccharides or honey. Also, watch out for sugar from sweet bread and fruit juices.


Exercising in the morning increases your metabolism and keeps your basal metabolic rate high throughout the day. Exercise also improves blood circulation and strengthens bowel movements. By the way, exercise is good. exercise Muscle training, squats, walking and running, etc.

  1. bathe in the sun

Opening a window to the sun and taking a deep breath. In the morning there are health benefits. It causes your body to release serotonin, a substance that helps you sleep soundly at night and keeps your bowels functioning properly. Also, taking a deep breath Along with looking up at the sky, it also helps the autonomic nervous system work in balance. Resulting in a good feeling of relaxation

Good intestinal health is an important basis for physical health, mental health and beauty. I try to follow the method mentioned above.