Wouldn’t it be nice to choose to play less hands

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Do You Consider Yourself A Bad Luck Person? Or You Are Sailing Wrong You Are Actually No Worse Than 95% Of Poker Players Around The World, And You Don’t Need To Be That Proficient To Win The Game Either. Just A Few Principles Can Improve Your Playing Results.

Wouldn't it be nice to choose to play less hands

Less Hand Play

In Texas Hold’em There Are 169 Starting Hands (Excluding Suits), In Addition To That, There Are 5 Other Types That Are Considered “Premium”.

1. AA

2. KK


4. AK (Suited)

5. JJ

The Premium Hand Holder Will Always Play If There Is No Previous Raise, Regardless Of The Table Position.

But If You Have A Lower Hand Than Aces Or Kings And Someone Raises Before You, Especially If It’s A Call Or Re-Raises, It Can Sometimes Be A Mistake To Keep Playing.

Looking At Texas Hold’em Starting Hands, You’ll Find That You Should Fold 80% More Than Usual With Your Cards And The Way You Play. Will Change Depending On The Many Differences That Occur On The Table.

If No Player Raises Or Calls Before You, You Can Play With Different Hands. But When Someone Raises Before You, You Should Know That You Only Have To Play When You Have The Best UFABET Cards.

As A New Poker Player You Should Stick To The Principle Of Playing At The Top 10 To 15 Hands First.

The More You Play You Will Only Season Up The Game. And Have More Types Of Hands On Your List But Before That You Should Stick To This Simple Principle With The Best Cards First.

Top 15 Hold’em Starting Hands

1. AA

2. KK


4.AK (Suited)

5. JJ

6. 1010

7. AQ (Suited)

8. AJ (Suited)

9. AK (Off Suit)

10. KQ (Suited)

11. A10 (Suited)

12. KJ (Suited)

13. AQ (Off Suit)

14. 99

15. JQ (Suited)

Choose Cards Wisely

If You Choose To Play With Fewer Starting Hands, You Will Benefit And Be Able To Deal With Loose And Aggressive Players. It Will Be Easier For You To Decide Whether To Enter The Post-Flop And Not To Place The Pot. Without Having A Good Card As Well When You Have More Experience You Can Start With More Hands. But In The Beginning You Should Make A Profit First By Putting Money Into The Pot Only If You Have Good Enough Cards.