Strip poker Rules and instructions for playing

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Rules And Instructions Are Provided Here.

We’re Sure This Isn’t A Surprise To Many. Because It Is Very Popular Among Male Players Between The Ages Of 18-30 And The Percentage Of Women Who Like To Play With Their Friends Is Also Quite Small. As For The Students With A Love Of Freedom Attitude It Is Often The Manager Who Invites Friends To Play As Well. In Almost Every University In The West They Usually Organize This Event On Weekends. In General Striptease Is Played In Small Groups Of About 4-6 People, And It Is Not Uncommon For Married People To Host This Event For The Fun Of Getting Along And Playing The Game Again. Too But What Happened In That Room If You Want To Know How It Is You May Have To Join In On Your Own Next Time.

strip poker Rules and instructions for playing

The Beginning Of Strip Poker

We Have Very Little Information And May Never Know When The First Play Of This Kind Took Place. This Type Of Play Became Known And Popular In The 1990s And The 1950s And Became More And More Popular In The 1960s, 1970s And Beyond, Especially Among Schoolchildren And Players Under The Age Of 30. Some Websites Write About Playing Strip Poker. That Started When Women Came To Play In This Game. Rumor Has It That Liberal Women Will Begin To Take Their Clothes Off After Playing For All Their Money. And Drunk Men As Well Some Reports Say That This Strip Poker Is The Origin Of The Game. And Played Before The Matter Of Money Came In Again But This Theory Was Not Taken Seriously.

Rules Of Play

When You Lose 1 Hand, You Must Take Off 1 Item You Are Wearing. When You Gain 1 Hand, You Can Return 1 Item, And There Are No Fixed Rules As To When To Play. It Depends On You And Your Friends. Most Of The Time, The Game Ends When Only One Person Is Left With Their Underwear.

How Do I Manage To Play Cards With My Friends?

1. There Are At Least 4 Players.

2. Standard 52 Card Set.

3. Chips For Exchanging Money

4. The Right Place

5. A Mind That Is Ready To Play

This Kind Of Play Usually There Is No Money Involved. But Will Aim For More Fun Between Friends If You Want To Increase The Prize Money It May Be That Friends Can Help Pay The Entrance Fee. The Rules Of Play Are The Same As For Texas Hold’em , But When One Loses One Has To Take Off One Piece Of Clothing Until It Is Agreed Upon Or Even Completely Naked. Then Have To Exit The Game. The Person Who Plays The Worst Is Always Removed First, So If You Want To Join The Game You Should At Least Learn How To Play Poker First. And Don’t Forget To Check The Laws In Your Country To See If You Can Play Like This Or Not.
Most Of These Games Are Played Indoors, In A Dorm, Or In A House In The Living Room. No One Is Playing A Striptease Game With Strangers In A Casino.